Unique Experiences in Delhi

  • Historically, he who ruled from Delhi was best able to control the sub continent. Strategic routes from Central Asia and the high valleys of Afghanist... Book Now

  • Once, it was a land of galis (lanes) and kuchas (residential alleys usually inhabited by people having the same occupation). But little remains of Pur... Book Now

  • Tucked away in a corner in the Nizamuddin area in Delhi is the tomb of emperor Humayun. This can rightly be said as the precursor to the Taj. Book Now

  • Shahjahanabad, the seventh city of Delhi, was built by Shah Jahan in 1649 like a fortress encircled by strong and high red–brick walls with 14 entry... Book Now

  • Amitabh Bachchan mentioned it in the film song Kajra re. One elderly man said the word dariba means “glittering water” in Persian. Another said it... Book Now

  • Ld Delhi will always remain a very big and busy Indian Bazaar, despite the nostalgia that it may evoke, the culinary delights that it may offer and th... Book Now

  • At the end of the Chandni Chowk besides the Fatehpuri Masjid is the famous whole sale market for spices – the largest in Asia. A cook’s Mecca, the... Book Now

  • Photo walking is a communal activity of camera enthusiasts who gather in a group to walk around with a camera for the main purpose of taking pictures ... Book Now

  • Most of us know about the Sepoy Mutiny and the revolt of 1857 —India’s First War of Independence — but many wouldn’t be familiar with the less... Book Now

  • Delhi — a pulsating modern city with 5,000 years of history. A city that has been the centre of power play for centuries. A city with a majestic and... Book Now

  • Sandwiched between two of modern Delhi’s most prominent landmarks –Pragati Maidan and the National Zoological Park– The Purana qila is appropri... Book Now

  • Raisina Hill, often used as a metonym for the seat of the Government of India, is an area of Lutyens; Delhi, New Delhi, housing India;s most important... Book Now

  • Enerations to come, it may well be, will scarce believe that such a man as this one ever in flesh and blood walked upon this Earth. Book Now

  • Pūjā or alternative transliteration Pooja (Sanskrit: reverence, honour, adoration, or worship) is a religious ritual performed by Hindus as an offer... Book Now

  • Located on the outskirts of the western part of Delhi, Kumhar Gram is a village that houses about 700 potter families who mould clay and create stacks... Book Now

  • Derived from the Sanskrit word yuj, Yoga means union of the individual consciousness or soul with the Universal Consciousness or Spirit. Yoga is a 500... Book Now

  • Amidst the posh neighbourhoods of South Delhi, lies the historical site of the Hauz Khas complex. Hauz Khas dates back to the early 14th century durin... Book Now

  • If you want to experience local sights and sounds, head to the glorious flower and Vegetable market at Ghazipur. Locally called the Pushp Mandi (meani... Book Now


Special Services

SPECIAL SERVICES BY WALKATHON : One can enjoy the finest treatment with the premium dedicated  assistance services. For families with children, elderly passengers and wheelchair passengers we also offer assistance services for wheelchair during the city tour.
Penance to Ancestors: The said ritual in unique to Hinduism where people pay respect, homage to their ancestors and pray that the soul of their ancestors lives in peace. The said ritual is sacred one for Hindus as many scriptures say its the pious duty of generations in Hindu  families to penance to ancestors regularly  in proper ritual style at following places

  • Kurukshetra
  • Haridawar

Delhi is a great starting point for any traveler who wants to explo...

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