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What can be more exciting and amazing than experiencing and exploring India in your own way – away from the group or without spending extra amount of money? Private tours Delhi is the best option for you to cherish something that you have either heard of or have read in books. You will get a chance to ravish your senses in a tour of Delhi with a friendly personal guide from Walkathon Tours. Our private tour guides, who are explorers, are well aware of local streets and area and know Delhi area as only locals do and is eager to show you their beloved India that is based on the travel interest of guests.

Private tours Delhi are planned according to your choice and number of days that you want to spend here. You can explore Old Delhi by walking there with explorers or plan a trip to some of the fascinated destinations that are in different corners of India. Not to mention Golden Triangle Tour that is offered to explore Agra (The City of Taj Mahal) and Jaipur – the capital city of Rajasthan.

Delhi Private Tours – Plan with Walkathon Tours

Delhi private tours are the right options for you to plan a perfect trip by exploring destinations like locals and knowing more about the attractions. Walkathon Tours has been working with a team of professional and experienced explorers by bringing to you attractive tour packages and a guided walking tour to main attractions in Old Delhi.

Our main motive is to show visitors and locals alike the wealth and diversity of this unique city. We know and let you know that many interesting places are not immediately visible; the best way to see and to experience them is by walking. The people of WALKATHON TOURS love the city and will be happy to show you those hidden gems.

WALKATHON TOURS is your trusted partner offering private tours Delhi. The visits are designed to get the most out of your stay in Delhi and they still have a good component of walking because… by walking you´ll get a much better feel of this unique city!

When you take a walk you travel slowly, you absorb more, interact more and experience more, you stop to smell the spices and taste the mouth watering street food. Join our slow travel movements and Take walks.

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Special Services

SPECIAL SERVICES BY WALKATHON : One can enjoy the finest treatment with the premium dedicated  assistance services. For families with children, elderly passengers and wheelchair passengers we also offer assistance services for wheelchair during the city tour.
Penance to Ancestors: The said ritual in unique to Hinduism where people pay respect, homage to their ancestors and pray that the soul of their ancestors lives in peace. The said ritual is sacred one for Hindus as many scriptures say its the pious duty of generations in Hindu  families to penance to ancestors regularly  in proper ritual style at following places

  • Kurukshetra
  • Haridawar

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